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Demand specialty:
Exhibition planning and management, international economy and trade, business English, English, business administration, tourism management, marketing, logistics management, etc.
Need post:
Marketing Commissioner
Exhibition Consultant
Education requirements: college degree and above

Market Commissioner 3K-6K (five)

Operating duty:
1, responsible for exhibition projects and activities in the planning, implementation, coordination (including material preparation, the promotion activities of the executive, tracking effect and the activity effect of tracking, optimization);

2, responsible for the exhibition activities (such as conference activities, seminars, forums, etc.) planning scheme and creative proposals to ensure the smooth progress of the project;

3, responsible for the exhibition to promote propaganda work, timely grasp the hot news, grasp industry trends, writing exhibition press releases, and the related industry information manuscript edit, audit etc.;

4, the independent operation of WeChat public number, for fans planning and provide high-quality, highly disseminated content, increase the number of fans, improve attention and fan activity;

5, to explore more cooperation mode with the new media industry, to maximize the spread of exhibition information to related industries and attract attention;

6, responsible for the organization and invitation of the exhibition audience buyers, and the cooperation of the relevant business associations.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, marketing, exhibition planning and management, advertising, media, public relations and other related professional and exhibition industry experience is preferred;
2, with excellent writing ability, wide range of knowledge, active thinking, learning ability is excellent;
3. Good communication skills, rigorous logical thinking ability, good sense of teamwork;
4. Proactive, self-motivated, interested in copywriting and planning.
Salary: base salary + project profit commission.

Exhibition consultant 3K-6K (five)

Post responsibility:

1. independently complete customer development, sales and maintenance of assigned projects;
2. maintain daily contact with industry organizations and associations, exchange exhibition information, and promote the smooth development of investment and market work;
3. to assist the project director to develop promotional and marketing promotion plan;
4. deal with daily affairs, such as customer billing, coordination of exhibition site and so on.
Job requirements:
1.. College degree or above, major in exhibition or exhibition industry is preferred;
2. independent personality, strong sense of sales, able to complete sales tasks independently;
3. more than 1 years of sales experience, have certain sales skills and communication skills;
4. logistics and automotive spare parts and other industry experience and resources are preferred;
5. strong sense of responsibility and strong sense of teamwork.

Above work hours: 9:00-12:00 a.m. 13:30-18:00 p.m.

Contact us:

Resume delivery: bestguangzhou@vip.163.com
(mail name please use: intention post + name + expected salary, market commissioner and association full-time staff post, please attach related planning case).
Contact: Miss Ye
Telephone number: 020-89617099


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