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Exhibition itself is a propaganda, to take full advantage of the short but valuable time to focus on the exhibition campaign, exhibitors must be product: picture and company brochure: you can let visitors know more about products other than the product information, in addition to this, companies can at the venue to provide buyers with videos, CDs, product pages, color pages, price lists, and so on, enterprises and dealers business cards are essential.(Note that the above on the carrier, paging, post code, phone number, Web site address, basic contact elements cannot be missed.)

Advertising: advertising plays a major role during the entire exhibition, exhibitors at the exhibition in the industry of professional advertising magazines and catalogues and special reports for their products.In advance will be included with your own product color page of the magazine mailed to current and potential customers and covering letter reminding customers that these products will be on display in the exhibition, while a free exhibition pass check on or VIP card, note your booth number, make customers feel great honour to visit the exhibition.Web page promotion: exhibitors may before the exhibition, make your own promotional page to advertise on the Internet and do the links, increase the visibility of their products, and to explore technical issues with their customers online, meet in the exhibition during the talks.All these preparations before the show, as long as the Exhibitor shall be implemented according to its full and detailed, it would surely succeed in domestic and international professional exhibition.


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